De#ej Oeece, Meyo Oeece, mJej Oeece

Fve leerveeW hegmlekeâeW keâer jÛevee efJeodÙeeOÙeÙeve ØeejbYe keâjves pee jns DeuheJeÙe yeÛÛeeW kesâ ueeYeeLe& keâer ieF& nw~ ØeejbefYekeâ keâ#eeDeeW ceW yeeuekeâeW keâes meyemes henues De#ej %eeve keâjeÙee peelee nw, efheâj Úesšs-Úesšs Meyo yeveevee efmeKeeÙee peelee nw Deewj Deble ceW cee$eeDeeW keâe %eeve keâjeÙee peelee nw~ Fve hegmlekeâeW keâe jÛevee ›eâce Fmeer JÙeJemLee kesâ Devegmeej jKee ieÙee nw~


kesâmej ieerle - A, B, C

pewmee efkeâ Fmekesâ veece mes heÇkeâš neslee nw, Fme hegmlekeâ kesâ ieerle DelÙeble ceOegj Deewj iesÙe nQ~ Fvekeâe ØeYeeJe kesâmej keâer megiebOe keâer lejn yeeuekeâ kesâ efoue-efoceeie hej Úe peelee nw~ meesves hej meesneiee Ùen efkeâ ØelÙeskeâ hegmlekeâ kesâ Debeflece Yeeie ceW kegâÚ ueIeg keâneefveÙeeW keâe meceeJesMe efkeâÙee ieÙee nw, efpememes yeeuekeâeW keâe ceveesjbpeve lees nes ner, meeLe ner Jes Gvemes kegâÚ efMe#ee Yeer «enCe keâj mekeWâ~


My Favourite Rhymes - A, B, C

Indisputably rhymes have ever been a source of joy, imagination and learning to children all over the world from time immemorial. Twinkle, twinkle little star, Jack and Jill, Pussy cat…and so on composed hundreds of years ago have relevance even for the present-day generation. My Favourite Rhymes comprising the book A, B and C is a unique collection of several such rhymes as have been popular and at the tip of everybody’s tongue worldwide.



kesâmej )1–8) (

veew hegmlekeâeW keâer Ùen ëe=bKeuee NCERT leLee efJeefYevve jepÙeeW kesâ hee"dÙe›eâce hej DeeOeeefjle CCE Pattern ( meleled SJeb JÙeehekeâ cetuÙeebkeâve heodOeefle ) kesâ Devegmeej lewÙeej keâer ieF& nw, pees Textbook-cum-Workbook nw~


Know and Grow

Know & Grow 1 - 8

This graded series of Know & Grow provides an insight into the world of information and knowledge. It is intended to sharpen the intellect of the learners and take them to an incessant journey onto the path of understanding and awareness. As we tread down the path of knowledge, we discover the fascinating world around us.



TSP Mathmetics Lab Manual 6 - 10

Learning various fundamental concepts and their applications remains to be the most important factor in mathematics without understanding the basic fundamentals of mathematics from the beginning. It is felt that mathematics is a subject which is based simply on calculations and non-practical applications.


Lab Manual

TSP Science Lab Manual 6 - 10

This series has been planned in order to sharpen scientific skills of students. It has been written according to the latest syllabus prescribed by CBSE under CCE scheme.


Art Splash

Artist - A, B, C, 1 - 5

Creativity is an inborn quality in every child. To develop the creative skills of a child, a fantastic series 'Artist' has been designed keeping In view the child's level and interest. The series presents eight books meant for the learners of pre-primary and primary classes. Each book in the series develops in learners an interest for art and craft through different activities.