The internal structure of a book is laid out in a specific sequence. In self-publishing, it is important to follow the established ethics of this sublime task.

The major divisions of a book are the front matter & the body matter . The front matter usually consists of half title, copyright and dedication pages, besides the table of contents , forward, preface, introduction and prologue. The body consists of parts, chapters and sections. The matter at the back has different items related to the book. Hence, the entire fabric of our books is such as entices learners for self exploration even beyond the text. Hence, the learning outcomes remain itched in the mental domains for longer times.

Front Matter

The front matter of a book typically consists of a number of subdivisions, which may be single page or a series of pages. The voice of the writing can be the publisher, author or any other contributor begetting the type of pages subsequently. It sets the tone of interaction that is to take place between the writer and the reader in such a way that the learners feels the presence of the mentor and is thrilled by the intellectual vibes that flow in on the very onset.

Half Title Page

The half title is a page carrying nothing but the title of the book. The other side of the page is usually blank.

Sometimes this page and several other following it depict the appreciation from the well-known academicians. This fosters the belief of readers to a level that they go ahead with greater conviction and feel inspired to satisfy the thirst for knowledge & its bearing on their deeds.

Title Page

The title page projects the key elements including, the subtitle & statements by the author and the publisher, who jointly commit to the requisite authenticity of the contents given in the book. Accountability, thus gets manifested through the title page.